Krieg USA Saddle Bags - Neat! £18.97

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Krieg USA Saddle Bags -  Neat!

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A great design which rests snugly under the seat & on the seatpost. 

Only 2 designs left now:  Gator Skin & Union Jack

After wrecking a lot of saddle bags in our time  these seem bullet proof on & off road ... simple & strong. The seams & zip are super solid & the bag doesn't flap around. 

Comes with a lifetime guarantee. 
  • Size: 6.5" x 3" x 2.5"
  • Blinky light clip
  • Clip for key
  • Velcro support around the bottom of the bag aswell as saddle
  • Volume: 45 cubic inch
Can fit in the following items ... Tube, Co2 cartridge, multi tool, patches & glue, levers, scooby snack, key, condom etc.

Racing Checkers & the Black Bomber are now in XL size, here's the size difference versus the others:

We have following range:

XL Racing Checkers


Union Jack


Grim Reaper

Gator Skin

XL Black

Pink Shag (dark pink)

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