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Direct Mount Chain Guide / chain keeper / retainer for Single Ring Set-Ups

We get these straight from the original manufacturer so can offer a great price. This is a unbranded chain guide, designed for single ring set-ups to keep your chain in place and avoid it dropping off.

Even the new thick thin chain rings have been known to bounce off a chain. For security use a chain guide.

Highly adjustable, no lower bar so fits a broad range of chain ring sizes and oval chain rings
The guide fits a 28t - 44t tooth front chain ring range. 
Lateral adjustment.

Highly adjustable

The guide fits a 30t - 44t tooth front chain ring range. 

Suitable for 1 x 9, 1 x 10, 1 x 11 etc. systems

!!! Note, we have a broad selection of chain guides see range picture & other listings !!!

We sell another direct mount guide which has a lower retainer bar - see picture contrasting the two guides.

These are simple to install.  
Mount to the direct mount front mech boss on a compatible frame.
5 x Chainline adjustment spacers are provided in 0.2mm increments.
Simply feed your chain through the guide (connect chain) and adjust the height & angle accordingly to match the chain line - simple!

Material: aluminium alloy with a composite reinforced guide.

Weight: Light at only 49 grams

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