Alligator Turbo Pads Shimano XTR/XT 2 pairs  £24.79

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Alligator Turbo Pads Shimano XTR/XT 2 pairs
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Alligator Turbo "Finned" pads for Shimano XTR/XT brakes.  

2 pairs (4 pads) with springs

High quality premium semi metallic pads with a heat dissipating design for a better braking feel.  Similar to the finned Shimano ice tech pads. 

Suitable for Shimano XTR (BR-M985)/DEORE XT (BR-M785)/SLX (BR-M666)/ALFINE (BR-S700) etc. 
If you currently use standard or Shimano ice tech pads these Alligator pads will work.

- Thermal optimisation through high tech turbine technology 
- Uses a light weight aluminium backing plate, so up to 40% lighter than standard pads 
- Engineered in Germany, designed in Italy, Made in Taiwan.
- Optimised for high performance racing, developed & tested under the hardest conditions.

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