MT ZOOM Ultralight Carbon Seatposts 27.2 30.9 31.6 £99.99

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MT ZOOM Ultralight Carbon Seatposts 27.2 30.9 31.6

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MT ZOOM Ultralight Carbon Fibre Seatposts 27.2mm, 30.9mm or 31.6mm x 400mm long Straight/Inline/0 degree offset.

Premium ultralight MT ZOOM carbon seatposts. Full High Modulus UD carbon with titanium bolts.  Throughly tested to EN standards and on the trail.  No rider weight limit. 


- Lightweight lower carbon fibre rail seatpost clamp

- Supportive upper aluminium rail clamps (good for carbon seatpost rails ... note the best direction for clamping in photo of saddle rails).

- Fits oval and round rails.

- Stealth black logos.

- Supplied with spare bolt & carbon paste (Use the carbon paste on the lower section of the post in the frame to eliminate slippage).

- Sealed at top of seat post (so no water ingress into frame)

- Measuring height markings.

Note: 100kg weight limit on V2 posts.  No weight limit on the  31.6mm V1 or max insertion limit and can be cut for road/CX lengths.
On the V2 posts there is a maximum insertion limit, it is 19cm from the top of the seat post. This may be too long for some road/gravel/cx bike set-ups).   

- 2 years warranty

More pictures here

Pick from:

27.2 x 400mm V2 143g - black logo 
30.9 x 400mm V2 155g - black logo
31.6 x 400mm V2157g - black logo
27.2 x 420mm V1 163c  - no weight limit - black logo 
31.6 x 420mm V1 189g  - no weight limit - black logo
30.9 x 420mm V1 184g  - no weight limit - black logo

MT ZOOM (Mount Zoom) is a new brand which is dedicated to developing products that will help you zoom up and down hills, fast. Ultra light durable stuff For more product information, racing and other good stuff check out

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