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Velotoze MTB Shoe Waterproof Covers - Short

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Velotoze MTB Shoe Waterproof Covers - Short LENGTH IN BLACK 

More durable than the standard version, better for MTB.  Nor exclusively for MTB though, these can be used on the road of course and are still lightweight & aero. Good for most wet chilly conditions, except deep freezing winter.

We only have medium now

Medium: (EU 40.5-42.5) / UK 6.5 - 8

Available in black

We are also selling the long MTB ones & long standard ones on other listings in the shop.

Important fitting instruction:

1: Put on sock and bike shoe

2: Pull shoe cover over toe of shoe

3: Then pull shoe cover over heel, being careful not to catch on cleats

4: Ensure no part of shoe covers are over cleats or heel pad. Pull shoe cover off of cleats and heel pad if necessary.

Brand info:

veloToze Short Shoe Covers - MTB are designed to protect your mountain bike shoes from rain, cold and mud. They are made with our signature waterproof material which we've reinforced for use on dirt and gravel trails. They are designed to accommodate bulkier mountain bike shoes and the cleat holes are cut specifically for mountain bike cleats. Whether you are racing, commuting, or just heading out for a ride, veloToze Short Shoe Covers - MTB will keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable.  

- Water-resistant: designed to fully cover your shoe with a water-proof material that keeps fog, mist and road splash off your mountain bike shoes

- Windproof: windproof materials keep your feet warm, even on cool mornings (10C/50F to 18C/65F)
Reinforced: added protection across the bottom and toe of the shoe cover 

- Lightweight: made of a flexible, lightweight material that doesn’t retain water when wet

- No zippers or velcro straps : innovative overshoe design has no vulnerability points, like zippers or velcro

- Aerodynamic: smooth, flexible material creates a form-fitting design

- Compact: easily fits in jersey pocket or saddle bag

Additional info here

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