MT ZOOM Ultralight Carbon Bottle Cage - 11g £24.99

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MT ZOOM Ultralight Carbon Bottle Cage - 11g
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Ultra light elegant cage. Great for the road and does the business with a smaller bottle on the rough stuff.

It's perfect for a 500ml bottle, or a bigger bottle on a road bike. Primarily a road cage stick it on the seat tube & the finned rubber retainer and "top bit" of carbon ensures a sweet hold on the bottle over smaller bumps. 


  • Nice looking carbon fibre. Now in a cool Matt finish.
  • Comes with bolts
  • 11 grams without bolts and rubber

It is designed for the average sized bottle (230-235mm circumference is a good fit). Some larger bottles of 240mm+ will not fit. The MT ZOOM big mouth race bottles fit nicely.

Less than 10g of material and you are really pushing it - there are a few lighter cages in the world, but you typically will have to buy a special conical shaped bottle (which then gets stuck in the cage) and pay a whole lot more.

MT ZOOM (Mount Zoom) is a brand focused on providing products that will help you zoom up hills, fast ... ultra light but durable stuff.

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