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High 5 Zero Electrolyte tablets

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High 5 Zero Electrolyte tablets - handy, refreshing and tasty

Great tasting fizzy flavoured electrolyte tablets.  Each tube contains 20 tablets, 1 tube makes 10 litres.  Like Nuun tablets but cheaper. 

Really handy way of turning water into a nice electrolyte drink or to add to your standard energy drink to boost its electrolyte properties.

Tropical flavour.


Here's what  High5 say

Zero is the new electrolyte drink from High5.  It is part of the system to improve fat burning during exercise and can also be used as part of a "train low race high" strategy.

Each tube contains 20 tablets and makes 10 litres of drink.  Drop one tablet into 500ml of water to produce a zero-sugar low-carb anti-cramp electrolyte drink with added magnesium. 

Amount Per Serving (Berry)

Per tablet (500ml drink):
Energy: 35Kj/8.12Kcal
Protein: Trace
Carbohydrate: 2g
Fat: Trace
Fibre: Trace
Sodium: 260mg
Magnesium: 60mg
Potassium: 75mg
Calcium: 9mg
Vitamin C: 25mg

Please note that amount per serving listing is for Berry flavour. Amounts for other flavours may vary.

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