Sogggy Bums all- round!

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BY: Donna Morris

Published: 13th January, 2014

Yesterday we embarked on our annual outing to the Final round if the Soggy Bottom Series, run this year by Fully Sussed. 3 and a half hours later we arrived at Newnham. With our race at one, we had only about 40 minutes before the start. No time for a practise, but enough time to sign on, get kitted up and quickly nip and see the new section, courtesy of Jay. It had 3 lines, I opted to do the b line in the race, hoping off half way and then re mount at the bottom, Phil decided the c line he could race faster, so he slid and dabbed along that route in the race.

The course headed out along the fire road for about 600 meters then took a sharp left hand bend up the killer climb (my new name for it!) it was long, steep, greasy and just when you thought you had conquered it, it kicked up again to take you to the top of the woods. From here you followed a twisty, rooty single-track section, leading you to the gloopy bomb holes. Which where wheel hugging hollows!! You then moved on to the new section where every lap I witnessed plenty of bodies flying over the handlebars, many men who I had let pass me at the top, because they said they were riding it. It did make me chuckle when I ran passed half way down lying in the brambles!! (I did ask where they all right and there were plenty of spectators at this point waiting for the air shots!!) You came out at the top of cliff climb and then had another climbing loop before reaching the top of cottage return descent. This was the fun bit with an added steep rooty descent magically created by Mr Horton himself! However, I couldn’t ride it as quick as normal due to the slippy conditions, made even slippier after it started to hammer down towards the end of lap!!

At the bottom of the descent you crossed the road, followed by the bridge. Then out across the field, up the road and then a sharp right up a tricky, technical climb, which was hell and good cross training. I will eat my hat if anyone actually managed to complete their race without having to succumb to foot at some point on that section! Anyone?? This brought you to the top of the steep road descent, you couldn’t or I couldn’t more to the point ride this very quick either as it scared the sh**t out of me, screeching brakes, skids echoing behind me, the thought of riders taking me out at the bottom, the list goes on and on!! Finally the last leg, along the riverside, over the greasy tight bridge and up the rooty lip to the road. A few extra little loops before the rocky single track back to the start.

A very enjoyable day, but certainly not for the faint hearted. No complaints! I need a challenge to move me forward!! Only the weather and I managed to kill my mudguard on one of the descents!!

Well done to Fully Sussed once again for running a great series, ad thanks to all who supported them and us the riders in anyway.

A quite few weeks for us now, until the next race which believe I will be putting my trainers on and me and Phil will be doing the mixed pairs at the 1st STINGER, back down at Newnham Park on the 16th of February. If you want a fun, challenging day then get yourselves entered!!!

Happy riding/training/racing guys!!!

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