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BY: Robert Friel

Published: 6th May, 2012

Following on from the second bike theft of mine in 2 months - the first one might have been a bit careless, this one was outrageous. It was one of those scary moments where you realise, **** someone who knows what they are after has clocked us. Well it has been brought to my attention that Strava can give a lot away. Lots of you are using this now and why not - its fun, and it's almost a training tool. Here's the message I got on FB

"Strava users - don't get your bike stolen

If you're using Strava make sure you block your home in privacy settings. When you're logged in hover your name and select 'Privacy'. You can block multiple locations from this page so people can't see where you live. It's also a good idea not to list your bike by model as you're just creating a shopping mail for thieves if you show people what bike you've got and where you live".

It is actually possible to approve followers and set distances from your house that Strava will map. If you don't it is just leaving a spider diagram on a google map witht the centre of it being your house. Next to this handy X marks the treasure map is a list of exactly what treasure this is!

Lets hope we can spread the word and stop this potential nightmare.

Also - if anyone sees a Trek Madone 5.2, (Turquoise and cream) or a Raleigh Avanti Race (white and blue) going cheap on the bay, or gumtree or anywhere, ask the seller where they got them pease, and get in touch with me please!

If I catch someone else snooping around in my flat, they'll be setting a Strava record up the Crow road, tied to the back of my Golf I can tell you!

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