Summer Soggy Bottom Series

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BY: Maddie Horton

Published: 7th April, 2016

Round 1: Friday 6th May
Round 2: Friday 3rd June 
Round 3: Friday 8th July
Our Summer Soggy Bottom Series kicks off next month, and will be the first of an entirely new sort of event for Fully Sussed. 

Ever since we started organising events in 2010, we have been attempting to elevate the level of technical difficulty, in order to bring uk events more in line with those in the rest of the World and give our young riders the chance to race on the sort of tracks they will encounter if they take their sport to the next level. 
Watching the riders of the south west (young and old) happily taking on A lines in National races, while riders from other regions stand by nervously, makes us proud of what we have created – however, we know scary courses are not for everyone.

The Summer Soggy Series will be a much more mellow affair, aimed at riders who want to race, but don’t want to be terrified.

The events will be based in the ‘100 Acre field’ at the top of Newnham Park, giving us access to the tracks in and around Bluebell woods, without having to go up the Cliff Climb and down Derriford Drop to get there and back.
5.45pm Under 8s, 10,s and12s - racing on a short course for around 20 minutes
7.15pm Everyone else (Juvenile, Youth, 16+, 40+) – racing on a 3km-ish course for an hour.

  • The courses will be designed to include singletrack sections that are fun and exciting to ride, but don’t involve steep drops, getting your wheels in the air, or other sphincter clenching moments.
  • We hope that we will attract riders who are new to the sport, or perhaps used to race, but have been put off by what we’ve done to the courses in the past!
  • Faster/ more experienced riders are more than welcome to come and race, but we ask you to leave your egos at home, and just come for the enjoyment.
  • We are also offering overnight camping for £2 per pitch to make it easier for riders travelling from a distance (or those who just like spending the night in a field).

More information about the series, and online entry can be found on the event webpage.

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Fully Sussed is run by husband and wife duo Jay and Maddie Horton.
Mountain bike enthusiasts, used-to-be racers and voluntary coaches, now scratching a living as event crew / lifters and shifters.

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