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The life of a racer/ school girl/ family member/ friend

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BY: Evie Lane

Published: 24th November, 2013

The life of a racer/ school girl/ family member/ friend 

This year has been such a great year for me. With ups and downs I have learnt so much by trying out new things. Since I went to the Woodbury round of the Fully Sussed series last year I have travelled up and down the country to national and regional events, mainly in mountain biking but some local cyclo-cross races as well. 
After the inter regionals last year, everything started to get more and more serious with racing and training. It has been great having Maddie and Jay local to me with all of the training sessions they have given me and the rest of the local squad. They have helped me improve so so much and have even taken me on board in team Fully Sussed, thank you very much! 
Battling various illnesses has also been tricky this year and most recently it has just been irritating. I have had a bad cough for the past month and it is now starting to get very annoying, especially when I think it has gone, go cycling and then it starts again! My aim is to get better in time for the next soggy and I now know from experience that if I do not feel good I should not race.
Juggling school work and cycling has been quite hard this year with my GSCE work starting in September.  Every week I usually get at least 4 pieces of homework and regularly  more, trying to get it all done is quite difficult and I am often finishing it the night before. I am now getting used to finishing my homework later at night after training sessions. 
D of E is now also something else I am having to fit in to my routine, one day after school I now go to a local school's after school club for an hour to help out. This is now meaning that my week is set out like this;
Monday- rest day
Tuesday- ride with Gary & Charles or Maddie & Lucy or my dad! 
Wednesday- D of E volunteering
Thursday- group training with Maddie, Jay and Gary
Friday- yoga
Saturday- gentle ride/ rest/ race
Sunday- race or ride
The rest of the time is taken up by homework, family time or meeting friends. 
I am now spending less weekends with my family and have started to sacrifice some less important events to have day trips and weekends away. I also have to remember that the rest of my family want to do things other than cycling and I should not constantly go on about going for rides or ask to go for a ride at the most awkward of times! 
From cycling I now have an amazing new group of friends that I have a great time with at events and away weekends! I even meet up with some of them for things other than cycling! My school friends also have to be remembered though and sometimes they may get a bit annoyed about how much of my life is taken up from cycling! I try to spend as much time as them as possible when I have a free weekend or even a few hours. They may not get what cycling training is like as I seem to be the only mountain bike racer in my school. 
Finally, I would like to say some thank you's! Firstly my family for helping me get to where I am and supporting me all the way with cycling, school and having a social life! My dad has taxied me all over the country to various events and supported me at all of them. Next thank you to Maddie and Jay for firstly giving me the chance to race by putting on the local series, but also for taking me to the inter regionals which started everything off, taking me on in their team and for training me week in and week out! Thanks as well to Gary for also training and supporting us all throughout the year. Also, thank you to all of my friends and to school for supporting me with cycling. Finally, thanks to all the many other people who have supported me along the way, fixed my bike and generally helped me to get where I am! First ever race at Woodbury!plymouth youth cyclingoktoberfestnewnham 60Woodbury hot laps Big bike bash 

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