The Stinger - round 2

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BY: Maddie Horton

Published: 19th March, 2014

In total contrast to all 3 of the Soggy Bottom events this winter, Newnham Park was bathed in sunshine for round 2 of the Stinger, and the trails were dry and dusty

The Stinger always brings out a huge mix of competitors, from the lycra clad athletes to the have a go heroes - and that's why we love it. With conditions being so dry, the first finishers got around in a blistering 1hour 30 minutes, but to get an idea of how tough it is for mere mortals, our last competitors were out there for a painful 3 hours!

Rather than giving you a blow by blow account of the race, I've selected some photos to tell the story for me.
Full results can be found here for those of you who like to over analyse things.

The Stinger will be back again next winter. Early thoughts are that we will give you two rounds again, with round 1 being in November and playing into the hands of the runners a bit more with a longer run and shorter ride. Round 2 will be in February delivering the traditional 5k/20k/3k format.

Photos: Guy Harris. 
See Guy's full gallery here  To purchase images, please email guy:

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