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BY: Evie Lane

Published: 3rd May, 2015

Teamwork, teamwork is probably up there as one of the most essential things that keeps modern society going. Without teamwork imagine how long it would have taken to get to this stage of development, we'd probably be cavemen still trying to work out how to survive, without any interaction with any other cavemen acquaintances. That's the thing, communication is such a valuable part of teamwork. Imagine that, not having a mobile phone in your hand 24/7 because there would be nobody to talk to as a language would have never been created in the first place. To be successful in life teamwork is something that can influence it massively.

Team South West want to be successful in this years inter regionals but this may not be possible without a full team. Through-out the past few years, team SW have moved up the ranks with a full team of strong boys but then only 3 girls. With 3 girls there is a lot of pressure, even though 3 girls count, if one crashes then there is no back-up. 

From past experience, the inter regionals have been my favourite event of the year. With 3 days action packed with events all leading towards the final xc race on the Sunday. Hadleigh Farm (where the event has previously been) offers a challenging Olympic standard course but obviously suited to all abilities. Just for proof that someone of any ability can survive, this is how I was riding the first time I went!

Even straight lines seemed problematic! 
Throughout the 3 days that young cycling enthusiasts congregate, to enjoy themselves messing around on their bikes whilst still wanting to perform to their best ability for their region, there fails to be a single glum face. Despite the challenges that are put forward everyone manages to enjoy themselves and come away from the weekend with a smile on their face.

So, would you want to go to the inter regionals? The South West need you! If you are unsure about your abilities there are lots of willing people who will be happy to help you improve and go out on rides with you! If you want to participate in this event you're going to need to contact Maddie and Jay Horton to express your interest. You could have an action packed weekend and ride on the same course as olympic athletes.

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