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What a year

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BY: Evie Lane

Published: 7th September, 2014

I'm finally free! After a year of constantly nagging my parents to be allowed to go out on my bike alone, they have eventually given in as I turned a 'mature' age of 15. With everyone concentrating on school and exams as well as training it will be great to go out when I have time without having to pester anyone to join me! 

This year has been a year of learning curves and some overwhelming race results. 

After a winter of tough training my year started on a high, winning MTB races and starting my time as a roadie relatively well. Also, joining my first team Fully Sussed as well as being sponsored by Silverfish and Yeti. I have to admit that the Yeti arc c is the nicest bike I have ever ridden and it has helped me massively this year so thank you so so much to Silverfish. I am also extremely appreciative of Maddie and Jay for taking me on as a team member and supporting me so much at races, along with training throughout the year.

After the first national, it was a bit of a reality check of how fast the rest of my category were, this being my first year of being totally serious with my racing I had already decided that next year I would try to get top results so this is something to be prepared for next year. With 5 top 10 and one 11th, I ever so nearly completed my aim of top 10 finishes in the national rounds which I am really pleased about. The aim for next year is going to be top 5 finishes in the national series with the hope of podiums too. 

Starting road riding this year has been a massively helpful for any type of racing, it has built my fitness and speed. Especially on a Tuesday evening doing about 35miles when I go out with Gary, Charles and Lucy. Racing has also been a completely new scene; actually racing other people, having a bike with tyres to skinny for comfort and sitting behind camping chairs trying to find shade! Next year I am also hoping to perform well in this discipline too and compete in some nationals along with the SW series.

Now for the thank you's! 

Thank you to Maddie and Jay at Fully Sussed for having confidence in me and letting me on your team, I've had a great year!

Thank you to Silverfish for providing us with amazing bikes and awesome gear!

Thank you to the Pilgrim Flyers coaches for giving up your time to teach all us young 'ns how to ride a bike properly and quickly!

Thank you to Gary for giving up your Tuesdays, letting me borrow your speedy road bike and never failing to have a new joke to tell!

Thank you to the Mavericks for being great people to be around at races, training and of course Woodlands!

Thank you to Lucy for being an awesome team mate and showing me that there's always time to put make up on before a race!

Thank you to my parents for putting up with the endless travelling, supporting me throughout everything and always being proud!

Thank you to all the people that have cheered me on and supported me in races!

I am buzzing for next year and whatever it throws at me, whatever bike I will be riding and whoever for! 

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