CANCELLED - Erlestoke Blast 18/09/16

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BY: mark wadman

Published: 1st September, 2016

Unfortunately we've had to cancel the Erlestoke Blast which was planned to run on September 18th.

Not sure where we go from here as an organising club, over the last two years we've had terrible problems in getting a licence from the Army, we thought we'd sorted this and they did come up trumps with a licence for this event. But now we have only 5 entries with a little over two weeks to go and that makes it a financial risk.

We need to commit a lot of our money to medical cover and infrastructure and with out those entries it's to much of a gamble.

We will sit down, discuss and decide whether or not that this is the last attempt or whether we give the Winter Challenge another go.

All I can say on behalf of SPAMbiking is thanks to those that did enter, thank you to those that have entered our events in the past and please watch this space.


Mark & the Spammers.

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