Oktoberfest 2013 Report

Inter regional MTB champs and Oktoberfest

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BY: Evie Lane

Published: 13th October, 2013

This year at Inter Regionals Team South West finished the weekend in 9th position after a fun filled weekend of endless competitions. It was a great experience with towel stealing, getting locked out of rooms and consistent eating at the hotel, and riding, racing and even more eating at hadleigh! Thank you to Justin and Rob for taking us all there. Also, a massive thank you to Maddie and Jay for helping us get to the level we are all at! Well done to everyone for doing brilliantly this weekend! 

Inter Regionals this year started on Thursday evening when my mum, dad and I travelled up to the Caines house in Yeovil for the night before going up to Essex the next morning. The next morning we met up with the rest of the team so the girls piled into one van and the boys in to the another. The journey for us girls mainly consisted of giggling, selflies and eating! When we got there it was time for the skills competition soon after we arrived. After everyone finished the South West finished the day in an amazing 2nd place!

The next day it was time for the Handicap and Dirt Crit races. I started the Handicap race just over half way up the field after finishing in the mid 20's in the skills. It was a fun snappy course and we did multiple laps and I managed to finish 25th. Next were the Dirt Crits after many sprints around a short course of about 500m and I managed to finish 22nd.

On Sunday it was the main xc race, we pre-rode the course in the morning and I eventually brought my self to ride all of the A lines possible which made a great difference in the race.The race finally started in the after noon and we were off for 5 laps. For 2 laps I felt great powering around the course but then my energy slowly went and I dropped back in the field finishing 32nd.

It was a great weekend and I would love to do it again! Thank you again to everyone that helped me to get there and also to Gareth from Bikespace for fixing my bike again!







Oktoberfest 2013

Friday night, we picked up Lucy from her house and started our journey up to Ashton Court in Bristol. The journey contained singing, selfies (again!) and endless texting! When we got there we looked out for the Fully Sussed van and placed our camping spot next to them. That evening we all sat in circle and chatted whilst eating crisps, biscuits and celebration cake (thanks Maddie and Jay) as us professional Mountain Bikers do! 

On Saturday our busy day started when the Caines arrived and we set off for a quick pre-ride for Lucy and Patsy, as they had never ridden there before. I love Ashton Court and couldn't wait to race there. Maddie then started off our team race by doing the run up the grass climb to jump on her bike and race for 2 laps. When she finished her laps I set off for mine it was great fun! The course is so much fun with sweeping and flowing berms. I then finished my lap and passed the hair bobble on the Patsy. Throughout the day we relayed around the course. At 4.30 Maddie powered around the course for the team's final lap of the day and we then won the women's 8hr team event. Well done to the Maverick girlies for winning. Also, well done to everyone else that raced for doing brilliantly!



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