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test photo report 2
16th July, 2015
Test Photo Report
16th July, 2015
16th July, 2015
19th December, 2013
test blog post
16th December, 2013
Myths and Legends
21st October, 2013
hot chick on a bike
24th April, 2013
2412 Solo - Job Done!
9th July, 2012
Ready for a Dirty Weekend?
4th July, 2012
The Ultimate Support Group
23rd April, 2012
Getting over a 'Bonk'
12th March, 2012
Old Friends
13th February, 2012
Treating a Cold Bleeding Cock
2nd February, 2012
Santa drops in late
24th January, 2012
Turbo training, cliff paths and marmalade
8th December, 2011
No more excuses!
1st December, 2011
Michelle Sanwell

Michelle Sanwell

XCRacer Advertising Sales Managing Executive Director Chairperson.

Giving casual endurance events a go after a 10 year break from XC racing. Mother of 3.

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