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10 Under The Pen

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Published: 1st December, 2011

To help keep you motivated on the turbo trainer or on those long, dark, cold training rides Niall Frost spoke to a cross section of the racing community and asked them 10 simple questions.

We'll be speaking to National Champions, Olympians, Guinness World Record holders, World Cup riders, regional riders and a few you may not have heard from very much. 

Our first victim is someone many of you have heard of but who maybe doesn't get the attention she should - Sally Bigham

Sally has ended her first full time racing season ranked number 1 in the World at Marathon, someone out there will be able to tell us the last time that happened for XC or Marathon to a British rider (answers welcome) but our guess is it's a long time ago. We were proud to provide a littl support to Sally in 2011 so it seemed fitting for her to be our first 10 Under The Pen. 

Over the next few weeks look out for the same questions put to:

Oli Beckingsale
Dave Buchanan
Rab Wardell
Cait Elliott
Mark Smith
Beth Crumpton
Maggie McPhillips
Isla Rowntree
Lee Williams

Read the mini interviews via the links below...

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