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Cotswold Cross and Cribbs Causeway!
26th August, 2013
Bontrager Twentyfour/12
2nd August, 2013
You wait years for a mid-week race and then..
27th June, 2013
Bristol Bikefest
20th June, 2013
The World Turned Upside Down
14th June, 2013
Hilly Hopton
3rd June, 2013
Fforest Fields
23rd April, 2013
Working on the chaingang
17th April, 2013
Inappropriate shoes at Welsh XC
11th February, 2013
Inter.....mitt......ent Training!
5th February, 2013
Back on Track: Storridge Race
27th August, 2012
Are you tough enough?
26th July, 2012
11th June, 2012
Erlevision 2012
29th May, 2012
Wet Worcester
1st May, 2012
Welsh xc
5th March, 2012
23rd February, 2012
Float like an anvil, Stinger like a ...
14th February, 2012
'Ere we go!
8th January, 2012
Night of the (wobbly) Knobbly tread
24th October, 2011
Pebblebury Common: 4th Circus of Dirt
9th August, 2011
Southern XC - Pernham Down
13th July, 2011
Fastest Lap of Cwmcarn?
10th June, 2011
Clowning around at the Circus of Dirt
6th May, 2011
Gorrick Rnd 5
12th April, 2011
The Goshawk Challenge: Wentwood 50
9th March, 2011
Wentwood 50
3rd March, 2011
A New Bike.
28th January, 2011
Consistency is King
20th January, 2011
me on the 4th lap (note the 29er wheels)
26th September, 2010
Talking in your sleep: Torq 12 hour
2nd September, 2010
25th August, 2010
Are You Tough Enough?
6th July, 2010
crimes against sanity
16th May, 2010
My disc brakes!!!!!!
2nd May, 2010
Eyeballs out!
27th April, 2010
Matthew Lewis wins!!!!
19th April, 2010
Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis

XCracer.com Team Rider, teacher, dad and mid-pack master rider.

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