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Tales from the other side
13th June, 2016
Not Everyone Can Win But Everybody Can Give 100%
21st April, 2015
Past - Present - Future
10th February, 2015
It's only riding a bike.
19th October, 2014
London Calling
30th March, 2014
Slip Sliding away - an Idiot Onboard
27th January, 2014
You've come a long way baby*
7th August, 2013
29th May, 2013
Juice Lubes Jam - 1st Vet 6hr Solo
13th May, 2013
2XC Rd1 - Haldon Forest
21st April, 2013
Mission Accomplished
24th July, 2012
Easter Extravagance
26th April, 2012
Why Oh Why?
29th March, 2012
Happy Birthday to You...
13th March, 2012
Racing is The Easy Bit- Woodbury Common
5th March, 2012
Solo Stinger - it's the only way!
20th February, 2012
Today Was Meant to be a Good Day!
10th August, 2011
28th July, 2011
Royal Navy @ Mayhem
23rd June, 2011
21st June, 2011
Circus Of Dirt Round 1- Results
9th April, 2011
Cash Converter
24th March, 2011
Take that to the bank
11th March, 2011
No, Nein, Non, Nie, Igen
1st March, 2011
Product Review
4th February, 2011
Pink Puffer Jumps Aboard
29th January, 2011
Slip sliding away
10th January, 2011
Pink Puffer and the CycloX Wars
18th October, 2010
Shred Classic Bicycle Race
30th August, 2010
South West Sussed!
20th August, 2010
9th August, 2010
SouthWest Champs Course Preview
12th June, 2010
Bang goes that theory
1st June, 2010
RICE stops play
17th May, 2010
Return of the Pink Puffer!
12th May, 2010
Who Fartlek'd
6th May, 2010
How did I get here?
5th May, 2010
Rob Smith

Rob Smith

new racer trying to fight his way through the masters pack.

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